Finding Family-Friendly Activities In Pattaya When You Visit

When you visit Pattaya with your family, you will want to plan some family-friendly activities that you can all enjoy. There are lots of options available, and you can do all your research online before arriving in Pattaya so you can plan your family holiday and ensure it is packed full of adventure. Below are some family-friendly tourist attractions you may want to visit while in Pattaya that can help ensure you all have a wonderful time and take home many beautiful memories of your visit.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

If you and your family love animals, you will want to experience the national animal of Thailand when you visit Pattaya, and you can do this at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. You will get to be close to the animals and feed them and learn lots of information about them, and you can also take them for a bath which many people love. If you look at the Pattaya elephant village reviews online, you will see it is a popular attraction that families worldwide love when they visit.

Ramayana Water Park

If you and your family need an activity that is lots of fun but can help you keep cool during the hot weather, you may want to consider visiting Ramayana Water Park. It is the largest water park in Thailand and covers over 18 hectares, and it is about a 20-minute drive from the centre of Pattaya. There are over fifty activities and water rides that you can try, so there is something for all the family when you visit.

Cartoon Network Amazone

If your children spend a lot of time watching the Cartoon Network, they may enjoy a visit to the Cartoon Network Amazone attraction. It is another water park, so it is an excellent way to help you cope with the heat, and it is the only Cartoon Network themed park worldwide. There are various rides and attractions to explore, and there are also shows you can enjoy that are fun for the entire family.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

Another excellent attraction that s fun for all the family is a visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! It is a museum based on fun and strange facts that have been collected from around the world, and it is an excellent way to spend a few hours. There are over 350 exhibits you can explore, and some of them can be shocking, but you can have lots of fun while exploring everything that is on offer.

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