Simplest Of Car Cleaning Tricks

Apart from the satisfaction a clean car gives, it has a positive impact on your emotions. A dirty car can increase your stress level and put you in a foul mood. So, is your car in need of deep cleaning? Do you want to get rid of the food crumbs stuck in your car seat? Are you considering professional detailing? What if you learned a simple car cleaning tricks to totally revamp your car interior? One of the best tricks to note is using a car seat protector spray. Here are car cleaning tricks that will save you time and keep your car looking new.

Use a car seat protector spray:

One of the best ways to keep your car seat clean at all times is by using a car seat protector spray. A car seat protector spray, like Nano Seat Protect, makes car seats to be water and dirt repellent. It protects the fabric from dirty hands, spills from kids, and stains. It’s the trick that lets you save time on cleaning, preserves your upholstery from further smudges, and gives your car a fresh smell.

Vacuum the Carpet:

Vacuum your car carpet thoroughly. Make sure to use a crevice tool and nozzles of different shapes to reach under and in between seats. Also, it’s best to use a handheld steam cleaner to remove stains from the carpet.

Windshield, Windows, and Mirrors: 

These parts of your car are used to see when driving, and if not kept clean can be dangerous to you. They are made of glass, so a microfiber cloth and the right cleaning agent should be used. Get a glass water repellent spray to prevent streaks and stains on the glass.

Dashboard and Steering Wheel: 

The dashboard and steering wheel can be a particularly difficult area to clean because of its hard to reach parts. First, wipe down the surface with a dry microfiber cloth, then use a small toothbrush to reach between knobs and hard to reach places like air vents. Go one step further by protecting these surfaces from direct sunlight by using a car surface protector spray.


Since most car doors are a combination of materials and parts like open compartments, the trick is to use the right clean tools on each material and part. Remove any items in the open compartment and clean thoroughly. Use a toothbrush to clean around door handles and casement windows.

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