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Arranging Your Wedding At A Phuket Villa

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The cost of weddings is spiralling out of control, so more and more people are turning to getting married abroad in more intimate ceremonies. Phuket in Thailand is a popular destination for many couples to have their wedding and invite close members of their family and friends to enjoy their ceremony in the tropics. You can arrange a small, intimate, but beautiful Phuket villa wedding to make for a memorable occasion for all who attend. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider helping you plan your dream tropical wedding and forget about getting yourself in debt for an expensive wedding ceremony in your home country.

See Who Is Coming

Once you have decided to have your wedding in Phuket, you will need to speak to your friends and family and find out who will be attending the event. Having a rough idea of numbers will make planning the wedding a much easier task and knowing the cost of everything. As you are saving money by having your wedding abroad, you may be able to contribute to the cost to assist as many people to make the trip as possible to share your special day. You will then need to start considering the type of wedding you want, and there are a few options available.

Choosing Your Wedding

When you get married in Phuket, you have a few options available to you for the setting of the ceremony. If you prefer, you can have your wedding on a beautiful beach at sunset to get some fantastic photos of the event. You can also consider getting married in a traditional Buddhist ceremony and have a marquee erected if that is your preference. Another option is to have the lush green jungle as a backdrop for your wedding, making for some beautiful wedding pictures.

Finding The Perfect Venue

Now that you know how many people are attending, your budget, and the type of wedding you want, you can start your search for the perfect wedding venue. Many hotels and resorts throughout Phuket offer wedding planning services, and the Trip Advisor website can show you some of the most popular places for weddings. You can send some emails to resorts that interest you and check availability for your chosen dates and see which ones you can choose from for your wedding day. Everything is finalised before you know it, and you are heading to Thailand to get married to your partner. The tropical setting and your loved ones around you will help ensure that it is a fantastic day for everyone who attends.

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