Different Types Of Massages & Treatments You Can Enjoy While In Bangkok

When you are visiting Bangkok and want to enjoy a massage or other treatment, there is plenty available throughout the city. Whether you want a Japanese Onsen in Sukhumvit, a traditional Thai massage in Silom, or an aromatic oil massage in Siam, many options are available. Below are some of the various massages and treatments you can enjoy while in Bangkok that will have you feeling great and ready to take on the world.

A Traditional Thai Massage

You do not want to go all the way to Thailand without trying a traditional Thai massage, and it can be an excellent way to treat your aches and pains. However, it can also be intense, and for some people, it can be too hard, so you will want to ensure the masseuse can speak some English to tell them when to go gently. There are plenty of places to enjoy a Thai massage throughout the city, so you should be able to find a suitable one with no problem.

An Oil Massage

Another excellent massage you can enjoy that will help get rid of your aches and pains is an oil massage, which is also popular with tourists and locals alike. Aromatic oils are used and worked into the skin as you receive your massage, and they can help you feel fresh and relaxed when done.

A Hot Stone Massage

You can also consider trying a hot stone massage available at lots of massage shops throughout the city. Hot stones are placed on strategic parts of your body that flush out the toxins. You are then massaged, and the toxins are pushed to the parts of your body where the glands are located. The glands then process toxins and remove them from the body, leaving you feeling much better than before you began.

A Japanese Onsen

Although a Japanese Onsen is not a massage, it is still a relaxing experience. It is a bathing ritual from Japan done in natural volcanic spring water, and the bathing process you go through is highly relaxing. Bangkok has several authentic Onsen’s you can try, and it is worth experiencing if you have never tried one before.

A Foot Massage

If you have had a long day exploring the sights in Bangkok, one way to recharge your batteries is by enjoying a relaxing foot massage. It is probably one of the most common massages in the country, and there are places where you can enjoy one all over the city. It can help get the blood flowing in your legs and feet and ensure you are ready for another day of exploring everything the Big Mango has to offer.

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