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Finding A Suitable Second-Hand Yacht For Sale In Thailand

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Many people dream of owning a luxurious yacht and sailing the ocean blue in search of adventure. This dream is a reality for a lucky few, and when they have the funds available, they look to make their dreams come true by buying a quality yacht. There are many excellent and high-quality used yachts for sale in Thailand when you look, so you will hopefully be able to find something suitable for you. There are many considerations for you to factor into your search, and below, you will find some of these to help ensure you get a vessel that meets your requirements.

Consider Your Budget Carefully

You will need to think carefully about how much money you are going to spend buying your yacht, and factor into it the yearly running costs for the vessel. Yu will need to set a limit of how much you want to spend on your purchase and do your best not to exceed it. The other expenses you are going to have to consider are as follows:

  • The cost of mooring the vessel
  • The fuel costs for the yacht
  • The crew costs
  • The cost of maintaining and repairing the vessel
  • The cost of keeping it clean and tidy

You may only plan on using your yacht for a couple of weeks of the year, but you will need someone to look after and maintain while you are not using it, which means you will need to employ someone to do this for you, and all these costs add up.

Where To Berth Your Yacht

Apart from considering the cost of mooring your vessel, you will also have to think about where our mooring will be. You will need to find a suitable location to keep your vessel safe that is suitable for its size, is within budget, and is also easily accessible for you. Although Thailand has a long coastline, you may find only a few suitable places where you can berth your yacht, so there may be limited choices available. Phuket is the most likely suitable place to berth your yacht. Phuket also has an international airport, so it will make getting to your vessel much easier whether travelling from within Thailand or abroad.

Get Yourself A Broker

To help make your search for the ideal yacht easier, you will want to find yourself a reputable yacht broker. They can take the details of what you want, including your budget, let you know what is currently available, and help with the search to find the perfect vessel. The good thing about using a broker is there is usually no charge for their service as they will receive a commission from the seller when they successfully sell their yacht.

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