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Safe Whale Watching During the Pandemic

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The novel coronavirus has changed the way we do business and countries are adapting to the pandemic and putting protocols in place to keep their citizens safe. The whale watching industry is no different and tour providers have stepped up their efforts to make excursions safe for all their clients. With specific protocols in place, safety is clearly their main priority.

Screening Protocol

All leading whale watching operators have screening protocol in place to ensure all passengers are safe once they climb onboard. Staff are taking temperatures and if any guests have a high reading, they are not allowed on the boat. Workers are also given temperature checks before each shift to ensure they are not showing any symptoms of sickness. If guests have a fever, they are advised to stay home.

More Space on Trips

In places like Australia, whale watching providers have taken steps to make their vessels and the entire whale watching experience safe for all their customers. They no longer operate at full capacity as they have set out room for clients, so they can adhere to physical distancing protocols. Tour providers of whale watching in Eden have reduced passenger capacity to allow each guest to have more room on board their vessels.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

A well-run whale watching provider will comply with all regulations set out by the local government. This means that the crew take steps to regularly clean and disinfect each vessel before and after a trip. A lot of the crew members have been sent on Covid safe training courses to ensure they know how to follow protocol. Once they get back to their companies, they share this knowledge with all members of the whale watching team.

Mask Policy

There is a strict mask policy for all guests and staff in places like Australia when you go on a whale watching tour. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of the virus and keeps everyone safe on board the vessel. Some tour providers are even asking their customers to wear gloves to ensure the prevent the spread of Covid-19. Most companies will provide masks if the guests forget to bring one.

As you can see, all of the leading whale watching providers are taking steps to make their whale watching tours safe for all. There are all kinds of safety protocols in place to help prevent the spread of any virus or bacteria. Whale watching is safe as long as you choose the right provider.

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