Spending A Day With The Elephants When Visiting Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a fantastic city, and it is a favourite with many tourists visiting Thailand, and if you are heading there soon, there is plenty to see and do while you are there. One attraction you will not want to miss is spending time with the elephants, the national animal of Thailand. A visit to an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai is a memorable event, and you can get some excellent photos and take home plenty of fantastic memories. Below is what you can expect when you visit one of the nature parks, so you know what you are in store for when you visit one.

Collection From Your Accommodation

On the day of your visit to the elephant park, you will need to be ready nice and early to be collected from where you are staying. You will travel to the nature park via minibus, and there may be more than one stop to pick up guests. As you drive to the park, videos of the experience are usually played in the vehicle, which will give insight into the nature park and what to expect when you arrive.

Arriving At The Park

When you arrive at the park, your guide will greet you and give you details about the different elephants at the park. They will also give your general facts about elephants, giving you a greater understanding of these pachyderms. You will make your way to the visitor centre where the elephants are waiting for you, as they know you will be feeding them. After feeding the elephants, you will be guided around the facilities, and there are plenty of chances to take Instagram worthy pictures of your adventure.

Enjoying Your Afternoon

You will stop in the early afternoon for some lunch and refreshments, where you can talk with other guests about these fantastic animals. You can recharge your batteries before going back out to see what the elephants are doing. When it gets a bit cooler, you can walk them down to the water and give them a bath, which they love to do. You can observe the elephants frolic and play in the water and join them if you want.

Saying Goodbye

After the elephants have finished in the water, it is time for you to say goodbye and head back to the visitor centre. You will collect your things and jump on the minibus before being taken back to your accommodation. Hopefully, you will have some excellent photos and take home lots of beautiful memories of your experience with the elephants, and have had a wonderful time during your visit.

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